F@#k Her and The Horse… III

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“The man you will marry will have an understanding of the human behavior.” He started immediately.
He was reading from French notes, saying it outloud in English and I was ready to write it all down in Hebrew. “I don’t understand.”
“He’ll understand and will have an insight to people’s feelings.”
“Like a psychiatrist or something?”
“Something… I can not be that specific. Astrology is an ancient art. Science has advanced a lot since the texts about Astrology were written. We can only understand the essence of it, not the particulars. Maybe it means someone who will work with his brain, not his hands.”

With that I could live.

“You will have two children.”

“Yes. Two boys. Why?”
“I always thought I’ll have only one.”
“I see… You’re an only child, aren’t you?”
Rona must have told him. “Yes I am.”
“And yet you left home at 12. Why?’

My pen froze in mid air. There’s no way Rona told him that… She didn’t know.

“I… I wanted to try to live in a Kibbutz… It didn’t last long.”
“Aha… Now I see. I see a lot of travel too.”
“Makes sense… I was a stewardess”
“I’m talking about the future. A lot of travel in your future, sometimes more then once a year.”
I could live with that too.
“Your second child will be gifted musically…”

I wrote it down. He was right about me leaving home. He might be right about the rest.

“And about you…”
“You are sensitive, sometimes too much, thinking, sometimes too much, planning, sometimes too much… You can’t plan everything. You can’t foresee everything. The beauty of life lies in it’s surprises, the good ones and the bad. Otherwise life will be boring and predictable, don’t you think?”
That wonderful French accent. It doesn’t matter what I think. I’m here to hear his version and I could hear him speak all day.

“Your career will start late…”
“Really? What will I do?”
“Something in theater.”


“It is not your field?”
“It is! No, it was… Is it really the theater? You sure?”
“Let’s say performing arts.”
“Might include film?”
“Might. Performing arts.”

“I study film. I want to be a film-maker.”

“Makes sense… I see a lot of writing, and success… But you’ll achieve great success only after 50 years of age. And you’ll do something that will bring you international fame.”

“International fame?” I could live with that, even wait to 50.
“Your mother… She should watch her health.”
“What do you mean?”
“She should be careful.”
“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago.”
He turned his papers to me and showed me an underlined word. The word Cancer is spelled almost the same in French and English.
“Will she die of that?”
“Again, I can not tell you. You see, my wife for example, when I did her chart I saw that she can not have children. But with the modern medicine and surgery she managed to get pregnant and we have two kids now. She did have a problem and it was fixed. I can not tell you when and how long. And your husband should watch his liver.”
“He has a sensitive liver. A cause for problems.”
This, in a man I haven’t met yet?!
“What about my father? You haven’t said anything about my father.”
He paused for a long moment and looked at his notes, pondering.
“Are you close to your father?”
“It’s strange. I did not see him in your chart.”
“Might it be because he’s dead?”
He looked at me.


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